Alysha Kozlowski

Senior Vice President

Alshysa Kozlowski

“Our approach puts the consumer in the center of everything. We are continuously trying to reach them in new and creative ways.”

Alysha is a senior-level strategist and consumer counselor with expertise creating thought-leadership and influencer relations campaigns in tech, beauty, home and lifestyle.

As Senior Vice President, she leads the development and execution of effective consumer campaigns for clients such as Gurwitch, L’Occitaine and NextDoor.

Since joining Kaplow in 2006, Alysha has fostered key media relationships for many client brands, helping them to further drive their business. She has also played a key role in developing the strategy to reinvent the mark brand for Avon.

Alysha graduated from Boston University in 2001. She also went on to receive an M.A. in Integrated Marketing and Communications at Emerson College.